Free personal PC and Mac protection for all Sophos customers

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Extend the highest quality protection to employees at home with Sophos Home Premium CE

Help your customers stay secure and protect their personal devices while working from home.
Sophos customers can now get a free access to Sophos Home Premium CE and take advantage of Sophos’ powerful, business-grade protection for home Macs and PCs.
Features include:
  • Real-time antivirus
  • AI with deep learning
  • Advanced ransomware protection
  • Banking protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Identity protection
  • Advanced web protection
  • Web filtering
  • Advanced malware removal
  • Remote management
  • Knowledge base support only
  • Protection for up to 10 devices for one year.
*Some features are currently available for Windows only.
How Sophos customers can get access to this offer

Sophos customers should reach out to their Sophos sales representative and ask to be added to the program. Sophos rep will then advise when it is all set up. Most organisations are ready to go in under a week.

Free personal PC and Mac protection