Rapidly deploy remote access 

with Extreme’s Portable Branch Office Kits 

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Rapidly connect, secure and manage remote sites

The Extreme Portable Branch Kits enable the rapid deployment of distance learning, remote worker and remote office connectivity. 

With an increasing demand for remote access requirements, these packaged solutions will enable your customer to connect, secure and manage widely dispersed students, users and sites quickly and easily.

Benefits to you and your customer: 

  • Rapid deployment for the home-based user or different teleworker requirements
  • Fully cloud-managed, the infrastructure can self-provision and be fully operational in minutes
  • Management and operations of the infrastructure can be performed anywhere
  • Easy ordering process with SKUs for each package.
Branch Kit Promo code Description Inclusions

Cloud Managed Wi-Fi with Wall or Desktop Mount AP 

PBK00W For remote teleworking applications where there is a need to provide power and connectivity for an IP phone or camera 
  • AP150W 
  • ExtremeCloud IQ 

Cloud Managed SD-WAN Router with 802.11ax AP


For remote power users or executives where higher levels of speed, performance and traffic management capabilities are required.  

For connecting remote sites that are approximately 400-750 square metres over any type of WAN connection. 

  • XR600P SD-WAN Router 
  • AP305C 
  • ExtremeCloud IQ 

Cloud Managed SD-WAN Router with two 802.11ax APs 

PBK02  For connecting remote sites that are approximately 750-1500 square metres. Multiple types of WAN connectivity are supported. 
  • XR600P SD-WAN Router 
  • 2 x AP305C 
  • ExtremeCloud IQ 


For more details on the Portable Branch Office Kits view this on-demand webinar

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