Analysis of an Attack Surface

In this groundbreaking report, RiskIQ reveals the five digital areas where organisations lack visibility, and how hackers are exploiting these blind spots.


What's inside?

    The boom in internet-exposed assets combined with the seismic shift to a remote workforce has exacerbated the need for organisations to protect their digital presence across the internet and the cloud.

    RiskIQ is bringing the massive scope of an organisation’s attack surface into focus to help you better understand the challenges of extending cybersecurity outside the corporate firewall.

    Download the report to explore the following key topics:

    • The global attack surface is much bigger than you think
    • Sometimes hackers know more about your attack surface than you 
    • The hidden attack surface
    • The mobile attack surface
    • JavaScript threats - a new frontier of cybercrime.

About RiskIQ

For more than a decade, RiskIQ has been crawling and absorbing the internet to enable customers to extend cybersecurity outside the firewall by discovering unknowns and investigating threats across their digital attack surface.

Using RiskIQ's Illuminate Platform, organisations can combine advanced internet data reconnaissance and analytics to expedite investigations, understand digital attack surfaces, assess risk and take action to protect their business, brand and customers.

Stay one step ahead of cyber criminals.