90-day Riverbed Client Accelerator trial

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Maximise Network and App performance for remote employees

As current events are impacting everyone on a global scale, organisations are taking prompt actions by rolling out work-from-home initiatives.

Riverbed is offering complimentary 90-day Riverbed Client Accelerator trial licenses to support remote employee productivity, helping your customers to optimise at-home network connections and deliver reliable performance of business-critical apps.

With Riverbed Client Accelerator (formerly SteelHead Mobile), customers can improve workforce productivity by:

  • Optimising at-home network connections. Customers can achieve up to 99% data reduction & boost network performance
  • Delivering reliable performance of business-critical Cloud, SaaS and on-premises applications with up to 10x faster performance
  • Eliminating performance problems caused by unpredictable network latency and competition among applications

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Want to learn more? Watch the webinar Work Productively at Home and On the Go now available on-demand.

The Client Accelerator 90-Day trial ends 30 June 2020

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