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Sell NetApp and you could head across to Cape Canaveral

Arrow and NetApp are giving you the chance to travel to Florida where you can visit the Kennedy Space Centre and get close to space shuttle Atlantis. All you have to do is become the top seller of Cloud Data Services.

The first 20 qualified sales over $10K(AU) will have the chance to plan their own unique Cloudy experience like sky diving or an adventure flight with a $500(AU) Red Balloon voucher.  

How to enter

To be in the running, simply sell any of the following products from NetApp Cloud Data Services BYOL or Cloud Insights SaaS:

Guard your Office 365 and Salesforce data with secure backup and restore.

Granular restore: Get daily, automated backup and point-in-time, granular restore of your critical Salesforce data.

Easy user management: Automatically group users into tiers and create rules to specify grouping criteria that is based on Azure Active Directory attributes.

Protection against deletion: Protect your SaaS data from threats or accidental deletion.

An easy to use cloud replication and synchronisation service for transferring NAS data between on-premises and cloud object stores.

Cloud Sync is NetApp’s service for rapid and secure data synchronisation. Whether you need to transfer files between on-premises NFS or CIFS file shares, Amazon S3 object format, Azure Blob, IBM Cloud Object Storage or NetApp StorageGRID® Webscale appliance, Cloud Sync moves the files where you need them quickly and securely.

  • Get a rapid and secure data migration and synchronisation service that can operate with any source and target.
  • Automate data migration processes, on-premises or to the cloud.
  • Continuously convert and copy your file-based data by using a cost-effective SaaS service.

Once your data is transferred, it’s fully available for use on both source and target. Cloud Sync continuously syncs the data, based on your predefined schedule, moving only the deltas, so time and money spent on data replication is minimised.

Enterprise Data Management Solution - A powerful solution for your enterprise workloads, with its data protection and storage efficiency features, available in AWS, Azure and hybrid environments.

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP®, the leading enterprise-grade storage management solution, delivers secure, proven storage management services for AWS and Azure cloud storage.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP combines data control with enterprise-class storage features for various use cases, including file shares and block-level storage serving NAS and SAN protocols (NFS, SMB / CIFS, and iSCSI), Disaster Recovery (DR), Backup and Archive, DevOps, Databases (SQL, Oracle, NoSQL), or any other enterprise workload.

Cloud Volumes ONTAP is successfully deployed with hundreds of customers from various market sectors including media, finance, healthcare, education, software, energy, and more.

Simplify the protection and management of your data across the hybrid cloud.

Simplicity - Keep clicks to a minimum:

  • Protect your data with simplified management and powerful features.
  • Eliminate management complexity through a cloud-native interface and simple, automated workflows.
  • Easily search and recover lost data—on-premises or in the cloud.

Drive up Agility – Extend your infrastructure to the cloud:

  • Minimise backup costs by eliminating additional infrastructure.
  • Replicate data securely from any ONTAP® storage—on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Backup ONTAP data directly to an object container.

Get more value out of your data – Don’t get trapped in a silo:

  • Unleash new cloud applications and services by creating active copies of your data in the cloud.
  • Maximise data reuse on secondary ONTAP storage to accelerate software development, testing, analytics, and reporting.

Monitor and Optimise - Innovate faster with insights across your hybrid infrastructure.

NetApp Cloud Insights is an infrastructure monitoring tool that gives you visibility into the entire infrastructure. Cloud Insights advanced data collection and analytics capabilities, monitors, troubleshoots and optimises cost across all resources including public clouds and private data centres.

Cloud Insights helps you to:

  • Reduce mean time to resolution by as much as 90%
  • Reduce cloud infrastructure costs by an average of 33%
  • Prevent as much as 80% of cloud issues from impacting end users

Terms and conditions

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