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Technical certification promotion

If you’re a Symantec SecureOne partner, complete any of the following certifications before 28 December 2018 and receive a $1500 rebate:

  • Exam 250-428: Administration of Symantec Endpoint Protection 14
  • Exam 250-430: Administration of Proxy SG 6.6
  • Exam 250-437: Administration of Symantec CloudSOC – version 1
  • Exam 250-438: Administration of Data Loss Prevention 15
  • Administration of Symantec Advanced Threat Protection 3.0 (Expected Release Date: Mid-August 2018)


Step 1: Prepare for the exam

Self-study (no charge):

Instructor-led course:

Step 2: Take the exam

Step 3: Submit your claim

To submit a claim for this promotion you can access the claim submission form under the My Resources section on My Dashboard in PartnerNet.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding this promotion, please email partner_programs@symantec.com or complete the form.

Terms and conditions: (1) Promotion offer valid between 2 July 2018 and 28 December 2018 (2) Partner individual/s must have completed and passed the exam (3) Claim forms must be submitted by 28 January 2019 to partner_programs@symantec.com (4) Partners can receive rebate on up to two new SCS certifications.

Note: Any individual who has already acquired any of the certifications above prior to promotion is not qualified to claim for the same certificates that they already have.


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