Arrow ECS ANZ: A Microsoft cloud solution provider

Microsoft CSP

Arrow has partnered with Microsoft to offer its partners the opportunity to deliver one of the most popular and effective cloud solution portfolios to their customers, while taking advantage of the support services that Arrow provides to ensure its partners’ success and profitability.


What is the Microsoft CSP program?

Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Provider program offers partners two options to participate in the program:




Cloud solution provider





Cloud solution provider


The direct model is best suited to partners who already have the resources, skills and expertise to deliver Microsoft’s cloud solutions successfully and profitably. If you are set up to deliver customer support, or have your own transaction portal or your own IP, then you are best suited to Microsoft’s direct CSP model.

Partners who need support with Microsoft can engage with an indirect partner, such as Arrow, to enable them to:

  • Ramp up their cloud offering quickly
  • Focus their investment on areas that make sense to their business
  • Evolve their business model
  • Take advantage of the services provided by Arrow
As an indirect CSP partner, Arrow enables its partners to sell Microsoft cloud solutions:
Arrow CSP Partner Microsoft Cloud Solutions
Arrow CSP Partner Microsoft Cloud Solutions
Arrow CSP Partner Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Enterprise mobility and security

Five easy steps to join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program

Step 1

Join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program
Create a Microsoft account (formerly Windows Live ID) for your organisation.

Step 2

Join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program
Register for a Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) membership to receive an MPN ID.

Step 3

Join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program
Identify level of support company will provide for each product.

Step 4

Join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program
Decide if you will administer the subscriptions for your end customers.

Step 5

Join the Arrow Microsoft CSP program
Review the Arrow Provider Agreement for Microsoft Cloud Solutions.

To find out more or to register as an Arrow ECS ANZ cloud partner for CSP...

Arrow's advantage

Our commitment to bringing emerging and advanced technology to the ANZ market is at the core of our business, but enabling and supporting partner excellence is why we do it.

We apply the same principles to cloud, delivering you the services and support you need to offer cloud products and services to your customers successfully and profitably.

Benefits of partnering with Arrow:

  • 100% channel focused
  • Cloud expertise: public, private and hybrid
  • Extensive support services designed to keep you relevant and profitable
  • Strong security expertise that can enhance your cloud offering.


ArrowSphere is an innovative, multi-tiered marketplace uniquely engineered to simplify the connection between cloud service providers, cloud service resellers and business users. 

Through ArrowSphere, channel partners can brand, sell and manage cloud services in a professional, secure and easy-to-use environment. 

ArrowSphere delivers a simplified approach to purchasing and managing multiple subscriptions and de-risked product portfolio backed by Arrow with automated consolidated billing, saving you the headache of dealing with multiple billing feeds from various currencies and billing cycles.

Whether you are already building or reselling cloud services or are about to start a cloud business, ArrowSphere will facilitate and support your cloud business objectives by providing a single access point for provisioning, managing and reporting on cloud services quickly and efficiently.

Pre-sales services

Covering cloud readiness and health check, solution design, demonstrations and proof-of-concepts, product and service optimisation, education and training services.

Sometimes your customers know they need to move to the cloud, but it can be a struggle to make the business case for the move. Our cloud specialists can help you create a business case, deploy infrastructure, market your product and actualise revenue by providing you with network and solution designs, technical training, marketing support and sales leads.

Post-sales services

Dedicated remote or on-site support, licencing and renewals, Microsoft post-sales services, credit and flexible finance solutions.

Arrow provides one escalation point for billing, support and advisory services. Through our flexible, reliable and efficient managed help desk, we deliver post-sales professional services and technical support.

Our help desk is resourced by highly certified engineers who provide services that fully support your customers by reducing downtime and overall cost while keeping your internal resources focused where you need them most.

Partner on-boarding

Covering a clearly defined 90-day on-boarding process to ensure partner readiness through enablement, training and product support.

Arrow’s cloud on-boarding program ensures your business is prepared and set up to deliver cloud solutions and services successfully and profitably.

Our dedicated cloud experts will work with you through the 90-day on-boarding process and will identify any enablement, training, product or marketing support required. Areas covered are...

  • Overview and business profiling
  • Registering and on-boarding
  • Discovery and planning workshop
  • Transition and progress review
  • Validation and transition to full production.

Solutions portfolio

Explore our strategic solution areas and the innovative vendors available to your organisation.

Cloud security

Arrow is one of ANZ’s leading IT distributors with strong expertise and deep history in security, including cloud security. The elasticity of cloud allows companies to future-proof their security requirements without having to invest upfront in over-provisioned applications.

ArrowSphere has a wide range of security products, including service provider licensing to build security into your cloud platform or prebuilt cloud applications ready to implement in minutes. Leverage the automation of our platform to build solutions for web, email and endpoint security, to name a few. Arrow is well-placed to support existing and prospective Microsoft partners to offer all aspects of the cloud security puzzle.

Compute and storage

Cloud computing offers Arrow partners access to on-demand, scalable computing resources with the added benefit of only paying for resources that are used. You no longer have to guess or predict consumption in advance to configure infrastructure computing and storage resources needed to support applications and workloads in the cloud.

Arrow’s compute and storage offerings provide you with greater control, higher availability, better security and improved management. Our virtual computing and storage resource on the cloud gives you on-demand services for as long as you need them.

Disaster recovery and back-up

Managing data is the lifeblood of every organisation, but before it can become an asset it must be efficiently protected and archived. Arrow's cloud-based disaster recovery and back-up services provide enterprise-grade protection, back-up, storage and archiving solutions while providing essential scalability, efficiency and flexibility to manage data.

Arrow cloud services enable back-up services onsite and in parallel to an offsite location. Depending on the application, it can be as simple as logging into the back-up application and pointing your back-up at the cloud. Our services help you store and recover your data while keeping it safe in a cloud environment, allowing you to maintain compliance requirements and avoid costly business interruptions.

Collaborative communications

Online collaboration reduces travel costs and time, and increases overall productivity. Users can run online meetings, sales lead webinars and training sessions to audiences across the country and internationally.

Improve communications while driving down costs with solutionsm such as hosted exchange and unified communications, available as cloud services through Arrow.

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