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Improve your core HPE knowledge

Are you new to HPE or looking to build out your HPE practice? Arrow’s A Scout’s Guide to Selling HPE is a quick, easy to reference manual that you can use to build out your knowledge of core HPE technology.

The guide covers: 

•    Quick facts
•    Trigger phrases and their responses
•    Objections
•    Third party technology alliances 
•    Cross-sell, upsell and alternate opportunity tips.  

We even identify the elephant in the room - topics sellers hope won’t be raised. You’ll know what to expect and exactly how to confidently counter any curly questions.

Download and keep a copy of A Scout’s Guide to Selling HPE handy for yourself and your team to ensure you’re ready to take on new HPE business. 

Access your copy of the complete A Scout’s Guide to Selling HPE and get started today.







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