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IoT in 2019

"As channel partners, you're in an incredibly fortunate position - you're the people that get to help develop wonderful ideas and make them a reality for customers" - Nick Verykios, Arrow ECS ANZ Managing Director.

The case for IoT is compelling, but the reality is few channel partners have the broad range of skills and resources across all technology areas to provide a complete IoT solution.

This eBook has been designed with you in mind. 

Download your free copy of IoT in 2019 to arm yourself with the knowledge you need to build an IoT practice.

Key topics:

  • IoT today
  • Arrow: Guiding IoT innovation forward
  • Creating an IoT strategy for success
  • A guide to IoT innovation
  • Building an IoT ecosystem
  • Resourcing an IoT skills-based ecosystem
  • The financial benefits of IoT
  • How we take IoT to market
  • Smart Cities: Leading the way forward
  • Agriculture: Sustainable crop management
  • Endless possibilities.


Are you ready to embrace the Internet of Endless Possibilities? 

Then this eBook is for you.

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