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New Cylance campaigns to drive your business

Cylance is bringing you three brand new campaigns to help you drive Cylance business and increase your interest and awareness. Don't miss out on these awesome opportunities and contact your Partner Manager if you are interested.

Click on the below links to find out more information.

Please ensure that you have access to the Cylance Partner Portal. If you do not have a log in but you are interested in these campaigns, fill out the form and we will be in contact to assist you.

Enterprise campaign

This kit contains three variations, one per persona (Evaluator, Influencer and Decision Maker).

This kit includes:

  • Enterprise Program campaign email and landing page copy 
  • Email banner images
  • Landing page images.


CylanceOn-PREM campaign 

This kit includes:

  • FAQs 
  • Data sheet kit
  • Product overview presentation - which allows the you to personalize with your name and company name 
  • Use Cases - that describe how certain network and connectivity situations call for specialized deployment of Cylance technology
  • Product overview training video - to help the partners understand CylanceON-PREM further (You can find the link in the campaign description on the portal).


CylanceOPTICS 2.3 campaign

This kit includes:

  • What’s new
  • Data sheet
  • Solution brief
  • FAQs
  • Sales training (exclusive to partners only)
  • Product overview presentation – This presentation can be customised with the partner’s name and company name, and shared with their customers
  • Infographic
  • Email banner image
  • Landing page banner image
  • The previous webinar recording link in the campaign kit
  • A video link with instructions on how to embed it on their site


Please fill out the form if you do not have a Cylance Partner Portal login.


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