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Check Point Trade-in

Time to trade-in
Aging infrastructure costs money

Performance degradation, rising maintenance costs, energy inefficiencies, and more can impact effectiveness of spend each year. Stretching an investment to its limits made financial sense in a world of 4-5 year usable lifecycles. But not anymore!

Now’s the time upgrade aging Check Point hardware – new breach laws, sophisticated threat activity and more complexity than ever means security needs to be cutting edge for a business to survive. 

Arrow’s helping you transition your customers, offering trade-in on older Check Point kit in return for up to 25% end user discount. 

Plus, your regular partner discounts apply on top of discounted end user price. So, deal reg the opportunity with Arrow and extend your profits.

Then it’s up to you - keep the profit or pass it on.

This offer is available until 31 December 2018, so don’t miss having the Check Point conversation with your customers.

Get in touch with Arrow’s Check Point specialists to learn about trading-in and combining discounts for maximum profitability.

Terms and conditions apply. 



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