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NetApp HCI Sales Performance Incentive Fund


Calling all sales representatives (SRs) and sales engineers (SEs)! Take advantage of the NetApp HCI SPIF.

To qualify this SPIF, SRs and SEs must complete a qualified sale of NetApp HCI into either an existing or a new NetApp account and be employed by a Gold, Platinum or Star Partner in the NetApp Unified Partner Program.

Eligible Unified Partners Eligible products SR and SE payout Minimum deal size Maximum payout per customer
Gold Platinum Star


US$5,000 per individual US$70,000 US$5000 (1 deal per customer per SRL and SE)

Registration process

  • The SR and SE must individually register at netapp.xtrm.com and connect to their employer company
  • Payment will be made through XTRM Choice and will be deposited directly into the SR’s and SE’s individual XTRM accounts
  • After the SR and the SE have registered for an XTRM account, NetApp will automatically identify qualified deals and process them for payment.

Terms and conditions

  • NetApp HCI SPIF opportunities must be booked between 27 October 2018 and 26 April 2019
  • The deal must be closed and invoiced by 26 May 2019
  • The SR and SE must have an accepted deal registration in accordance with the NetApp Deal Registration Program guidelines. 
  • SPIF opportunity applies only to deals to private sector customers
  • Incentive payments are issued twice per NetApp fiscal quarter
  • Deal registration must be submitted before payment is issued for the NetApp HCI SPIF, with the payout occurring after the customer has been invoiced.


*Additional terms and conditions apply.

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