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Reap the benefits of a Cloud Security Superhero – with Symantec’s new Margin Builder program.

Reap the benefits of a Cloud Security Superhero – with Symantec’s new Margin Builder program. 

The strong demand from partners has propelled Symantec to continue the Margin Builder program in Q4.
From 29th December 2018 to 29th March 2019, continue registering your Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud or Email Security Service deals* through Margin Builder to earn points and win up to US$1,000 gift vouchers.

Seal the deal and reap the reward!

For partners who have registered their deals in Q3, points that had yet to be rewarded can be carried over to Q4. Accelerate your points by closing more deals in Q4 to be on your way to reap the rewards. 

  • Register 1 deal* in Margin builder for SEP Cloud or Email Security = 1 point
  • Close 1 deal in Margin Builder for SEP Cloud or Email Security = 4 points 

  • Accumulate 5 points = US$100 reward!

Terms and Conditions

  • Program period: 29th Sept to 28th Dec 2018 (both dates inclusive)
  • Eligible products: Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud and Email Security Service (previously Email Security.cloud) 
  • Eligible partners: Symantec Secure One Partners
  • Applicable to 50 seats and above
  • Only applicable for approved deal registration or deal closure through Margin Builder
  • Points are earned on a per-partner-basis based on PartnerNet Company ID, capped at maximum of 10 claims (US$1,000) per PartnerNet Company ID
  • Cannot be used with NSP
  • Reward payout will be made in the form of gift vouchers or gift cards
  • Symantec has the sole discretion to determine the eligibility of the rewards under this Promotion.

Register deals now and start accumulating your points!

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